The radioactive cloud surrounding earth has begun to descend, a relentless drizzle of radioactive dust and rain. A worldwide catastrophe, but one your government has prepared for. You and many others have been assigned to special bunkers that will keep you safe. Escaping the civil unrest that ensued, you and many others are locked inside these small bunkers, located throughout the country, refugees from a ruined world, awaiting the time when the earth and its atmosphere are safe once more.

Months will pass. In those months you share this safe but small space with strangers. How you fare is yet to be seen. How all of you will act under such unusual pressure and strain is yet to be discovered. How many of you will survive? Time will tell.

In enclosed space, seeking to survive to restart humanity. It is here that your humanity will be tested.



flexible gameplay
Bunker - The Law

Don’t open the door just yet.

Before entering the bunker decide how long you will stay there because each month something will happen.
To all of you.
Bunker - The Law

Enjoy the lack of view.

You have limited resources and you cannot run out of them before the time runs out. Also, minimum 2 people, opposite sex, must leave the bunker, to start the world anew. In any other case you can enjoy the absolute end of humankind.
Bunker - The Law

Your life is more exciting than counting passing time, each month anybody can either be nice or cruel to each other. Backstabbing and secrets are your weapons. After each month, if you still have digestive system, and some limbs, get ready for the next month of despair.