The radioactive cloud surrounding earth has begun to descend, a relentless drizzle of radioactive dust and rain. A worldwide catastrophe, but one your government has prepared for. You and many others have been assigned to special bunkers that will keep you safe. Escaping the civil unrest that ensued, you and many others are locked inside these small bunkers, located throughout the country, refugees from a ruined world, awaiting the time when the earth and its atmosphere are safe once more.

Months will pass. In those months you share this safe but small space with strangers. How you fare is yet to be seen. How all of you will act under such unusual pressure and strain is yet to be discovered. How many of you will survive? Time will tell.

In enclosed space, seeking to survive to restart humanity. It is here that your humanity will be tested.  

4-6 players

1.5h gameplay
Bunker - The Law

Don’t open the door just yet.

Before entering the bunker, decide how many months you will be sealed in for. Every month represents one game turn which culminates in an event which will impact every character in the bunker.

Once you decide to enter the bunker, shuffle all of the event cards and grab a number of Events equal to the number of months your characters will be in the bunker, less one. Place these face down on the table. This will be your Event pile. At the bottom of this Event pile, place one random Solution.

Inside your bunker there are limited supplies. Create a shared pool of Resources which will equal = (the number of players times number of months) –5*.

If you run short of resources before the time is up, everyone dies. In order to start the world anew a minimum of two characters, one of each sex must survive to exit the bunker together. Any other case results in you enjoying the absolute end of mankind.
Bunker - The Law

Relax and enjoy the lack of view.

Prior to coming here, who were you? Take it in turns to draw one random character, and one random trait.

What secrets do you carry? What perk arises from your background or reveals itself in the opening days? What low cunning do you possess? Take it in turns to draw three cards from each of the Secret, Perk, and Backstab decks, and decide which one of each you will keep. Place the others at the bottom of their respective decks. Finish by passing the decks onto the next player.

Decide who will start play, and give that person a Judge token. The role of Judge rotates around the players at the end of every month. In the event of a dispute arising amongst you, the Judge makes the decision. For all of you. Shut up and get on with it.

Did you take your shoes off? Then it’s time to introduce yourself. Decide on a gender for your character, and announce to the others your character’s name, occupation and trait.*
Bunker - The Law

Life in the bunker is more exciting than simply counting down the time. Each month, The Judge starts. Taking turns, each player can choose one of the following;

• Do nothing
• Play a Backstab card on another player
• If you have seen another player’s secrets you can force them to reveal one of them

• If you are so damn brave, you can reveal one of your own Perks or Secrets!

When each player has finished, the Judge reveals the top Event card. It impacts everybody. Once resolved, if you still have a functioning digestive system, each player consumes one resource by discarding it from the pool, unless a card in use says otherwise. The group decides if characters with private resources consume their own instead of one from the shared pool.

In an emergency, as resources dwindle, the bunker may vote to sacrifice a character. To effect this order, one of you must be a policeman or a soldier. Recompense for this unsavoury act may be appropriate.

At month end, replenish used cards so that each character will start the next month with an unrevealed Secret, Backstab and Perk. Cards that remain face up on the table are considered used.

Before the next month replenish used cards, those that have been revealed but have to stay on the table, are considered used. At the begining of each month everyone must have at least one unrevealed card of each: Secret, Backstab and Perk.