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Is there still time for this? Is there still space for it? Do we need to remember how it was when things were fixed? What about those who will never remember, for them this would be fun, or curiosity? In what context?
So many questions from just one button. I personally love the idea of Playbutton something that is between those two historical functionalities. One is the iPod’s hidden complexity behind one simple button and the second is this old school singularity of objects. Who would want to carry a box of tapes and change them to listen to just a single track and then change back to listen to another one? Well yeah, some dickheads would to show off, but being honest I cannot imagine making life again complex like it was back in the days. I cannot refuse myself being able to be free, or a bit more free to be precise, in making choices. On the other hand there’s this temptation of having physical exemplification of those choices. Having them touchable, sortable, putable and losable. How does one lose an mp3 song? Doesn’t. One cannot lose mp3, one can delete it or forget where it is among millions of other mp3s and one can easily get a new copy at any time. It is then impossible to lose a piece of music in a way that somebody else would find it between the seat and side of the bus and then play it in their mp3 player. Tangibility of music remains only in buttons we press to play it. And, as cliché as it sounds, music has lost its physical appearance. CD or a tape were the music, they were not just the objects. We haven’t lost it. We just made our life easier by getting rid of the middle-man, yet still we long for yesterday. And it is not because of the objects(well, in consume driven world we are dickheads and we do think so), it is because we had a medium that helped us to appreciate, now when it’s gone we do not feel like we posses it. To remind ourselves, Walter Benjamin wrote that the aura is gone because of the multiplication. And I’d add again that it is not gone. It is moving. We need to start seeing it not above object but above content. I’ll never buy PlayButton.

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