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I do love comic books, and from time to time even a bit too much. I’d been even playing Arkham Asylum recently. My iPhone is filled with nothing else but comic books at the moment. I know this passion won’t last long, still got too many books in a queue.

Anyway I have just stumbled upon this list: The 50 Best Comic Book Covers of 2009. What a nice bunch of pretty images. Some are plain some are copy-cats some are pretty cheap. But hey! among 50 there must be something good, well let’s leave it for now because I had to double and triple check that these are 2009 covers. Some of them could have been pretty cool in 60’s or 70’s but now they just look like someone’s messed up with inspiration. Covers are actually posters in fact. They announce what comes from within the book as they do in film poster industry (you decide). They should be the content’s metaphor. I know some target audiences need nothing more but simple old “flesh and guns” but those shouldn’t be among top 50.

So, those made me think of good old Polish posters which were actually in the same style. The reason was that authors wouldn’t have access to any assets, sometimes they weren’t able to watch the movie. I know it sounds silly but in communistic Poland all sort of shit was common. So they would have pen and paper and thy would create some of the best posters ever. No I do not mean that socialistic crap, I mean some serious film posters for example, which would convey the story in a most dramatic and deep metaphorical way. I’ll compare 2 posters: Polish and American here to give you an idea what I mean:

Rocky (the original one)
Polish Version

USA version

So that “top 50” list reminded me about this particular struggle with so many doors to be opened and with trying to avoid the obvious ones. Some comic book authors should have commissioned others to design their covers and maybe not to get on that list and please me. Seriously, one does judge book by the cover. The comic book. And it does not have to be comic.


Just if you ever considered working at Publicis… I always thought it is creative environment. And that they wouldn’t rip off students’ work.

Graphic designer comedy adventures

Sausage and mash will follow

cocnkey atm

cockney atm

See whole user journey and that sounds like no joke to me

Helicopter boys

Nikon S1000pj is apparently world’s first camera with built in projector. So 2 kids were given this camera and then danced on a stage. Effect is pretty cool:

Ripe me

Well, pedophilia panic is on, again. Everyone is one these days. I am scared to look at children passing couple of schools everyday on my way to train station. Closing my eyes bumping into trees, and God forbid, into children smoking spliffs on a bus stop. Can’t even ask them how old are they because it would imply the obvious, not my concern for their health, of course. It is like somebody decided: let’s make everybody hate children. The easiest and most “christian” way is to accuse ever single adult, or even make a rapist or at least soft child molester.

I wanted to make a children book, now I need to burn all the materials just in a case, one never knows where the enemy is coming from. I haven’t lost, children did. They have lost all our trust simply because of us. Absurd? Well not in a face of law and petrified devotees. Polanski fell into a trap, Tate soon may be closed… and the biggest ever evil is having a holiday. Everything is just fine. We just need to grow up a bit… and <a href=’’>get registered.</a>


Nearness from timo on Vimeo.

One of the essential properties of Near Field Communication is nearness, but this is set against one of the paradoxes of touch-based interaction where, in fact, nothing needs to touch.


Coolio's kitchen

The ghetto witchdoctor superstar chef is here to make you forget about every cooking show you’ve ever heard. Get your tomatoes, your mozzarella, a little balsamic, and get your ass into that kitchen, baby.

Augmented reality sand screen

We used the only material on the site (sand) and the core of a film museum , projection to introduce the new building to the world. After days of building and nights of testing the minister of culture ignited this augmented sandsculpture. This is the test version of the sculpture, 4-sept-2009

Artist : Theo Watson

Sculpture : The Sandfactory

Art director : Thijs Biersteker

Copy writer: Karian Weijers

Sound design : Theo Watson

Wieden+Kennedy 2009


Electronic pop-up book