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Jingle Balls

It’s time to start all sort of Christmas campaigns. They’re mandatory, whatever the cost. And I do not mean the financial side of it, quite often it can be simply brand destroyer or rarely booster. Remember the Coca-Cola convoy? Poland is still haunted by it every year.
It is the tradition that takes priority, be it brand tradition or if there’s no sufficient sober brain cells in agency it must be traditional Christmas crap. Not that the tradition or Christmas are crap. It is the application and combination of brand themed elements, festive season and perhaps too much booze, that make it really tacky. Recently Grolsch
embarrassed themselves with this xmas wank:

Grolsch & the Swingtop Philharmonic Orchestra presents a ‘video Christmas card’ featuring a magical rendition of the classic carol ‘Oh, Christmas Tree’ played exclusively on instruments crafted from Grolsch Swingtop bottles.

On the other hand similar idea: acclaimed musician, famous tune and beer can take a really positive turn. Guinness put the brand in context of actual celebration and pure fun. They way Christmas should be.

Grolsch had potential but they seem to have missed the contemporary classical approach to music a la Schoenberg, next time more research would be recommended.

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