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Die Antwoord?

Recent discovery of this piece of, in any possible sense, shit made me think that this genre of music is not completely lost. I wouldn’t be surprised if their anarchistic approach was aimed against this culture but I doubt they’re capable of making such strong statements. Their lyrics are dull and pointless like any other rap but there’s something intriguing about them. Maybe this aggressive punk vulgarity, maybe this schizophrenic dumbness or maybe those rhythms that make me feel like I want to kick someone in the head.
I think that these guys are going the right route and all they need now is definitely less copper and some kind of poet to write proper contemporary punk shit, not this brainless pulp. Old punk is so boring and does not justify the means any more. There’s no such a thing as contemporary, postmodernistic punk movement. Not yet.
It’s bit like with Bob Dylan, he won’t stop playing and embarrassing all that he was, so he should die. Punk’s dead. Long live punk.

EVIL BOY (official) from Die Antwoord on Vimeo.

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